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Green Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant

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Date posted: 30-May-2023

Green amethyst (aka prasiolite) teardrop faceted pendant with a sterling silver prong setting. Prasiolite is a rare, pale green form of amethyst from Brazil; metaphysically it combines the spiritual energy of amethyst with the love and compassion of the heart chakra.

Stone approx. 1"H x 5/8"W x 3/8"D


February Birthstone

One of the many members of the quartz family, amethyst’s beautiful purple hue is due to traces of iron. From the ancient Greek amethustos, amethyst literally translates as “not drunk” and was once believed to protect against drunkenness. Many religions have considered amethyst helpful in bringing one to a higher spiritual state and thus closer to God. Amethyst is still used for spirituality and intuition; it’s also considered the #1 addiction recovery stone. Amethyst is found in abundance in Brazil, Africa, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.A.

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