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Date posted: 10-Mar-2023

Why You Need an Advocate in Dealing With Yelp

  1. Yelp wants to sell advertising. Reviewers are unpredictable. There is a profound loss of trust in Yelp among small business owners.
  2. We work as an advocate between you and the Company, helping you get valid reviews, move bad ones down, good ones toward the top, and your whole page higher in "search ranking." 
  3. We've gotten pages 7x more clicks with only a 25% increase in ad budget, by Optimizing the page.
  4. We've gotten non-advertisers a 250% increase in traffic, specifically targeted to save you money and time.
  5. I've seen advertising CPC range from $2 to $50 per click, depending on industry and keywords. WE want to save your advertising budget for ONLY your best clients, IN your service area, looking for your favorite product or service offering. 
  6. Small Businesses can't afford to be on the 1st page of Google. Anyone promising that is fibbing. BUT you CAN get to the top of Yelp and Yelp is on the 1st page of Google!!! 

MYTH: a review page INVITES bad reviews.

TRUTH: a dissatisfied customer (or ANYone) can Create you a new yelp page with a bad review. Then we're caught playing defense. We want a well-designed, seasoned, well-reviewed site to hold your average star rating, IN CASE of a 1-star.

Bad reviews can come from actual customers, someone who stopped by when you were closed or didn't get a call back quick enough, someone else's angry customer by mistake, a competitor, neighbor, ex... I've even had a woman blackmail me for free services once.

The Change Foundry can help deal with existing bad reviews, hidden reviews and provide review Responses that will move you up the search ranking and get you more calls.

MYTH: you have to pay for yelp ads to show better reviews

TRUTH: Your Yelp page can bring you more of the right customers even before an ad budget. The ads help increase the number of calls, clicks and website visits you'll get but we want to improve your page first so people find it and stay on it long enough.

  • We can get more people to call you once they DO land on your page
  • We can strategically optimize your page with keywords built into welcoming copy and the right images for your best clients/customers/guests.
  • We can incorporate SEO keywords into key areas of your page so you'll be shown and clicked on more
  • We can make your page more effective at inspiring people to call you or go to your website
  • We can protect your ad budget (if you choose to have one) to not be wasted by yelp's automatic strategies.

MYTH: Yelp pages are Free and I should just do it myself.

TRUTH: The corporations set everything up in their favor. We know how to work the system to get you the best placement possible. We will work together to find the best images, best keywords and best approach for your Ideal Clients. This is when free won't leave you with more income. And it doesn't cost much.

One time $2,250 for total optimization of all the backend fields we can get you the most benefit from, 12 review responses, up to 10 better photos fully optimized with "magic" SEO embedded, emailed and online ads to searchers, report on your business and your competitors, portfolio to target best kinds of clients, reports on your statistics... TOTALLY worth it. 

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