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Date posted: 13-Apr-2023

Buying Cyber Insurance Gets Trickier as Attacks Proliferate, Costs Rise
Cyber insurance is getting harder and your clients might expect you to handle it, even if it isn't explicitly written in a contract.
With high-profile attacks making the news and increasing costs for cyber security response (or ransomware payment) insurance providers are moving the goal posts. They are making changes that dramatically impact the way you need to service and sell security stack solutions to your clients.
Insurance providers are approaching your clients and recommending others to perform these assessments, which opens the door for them to sell and manage your client’s cyber stack. In many cases, the folks performing these assessments happen to be your competitors. This is a surefire way to turn a happy client, into a suspicious-concerned-ready-to-switch-services-nightmare.
BUT How do you get in front of this? Here’s how I see it…
If you are and insurance agency or advisor:
STEP 1: Start with your largest and most profitable clients and do an assessment with them to educate them on their gaps.
If you are just a business, agency or advisor:
STEP 2: Readout Your Cyber Insurance Readiness Assessment. Help them see what they should be investing in so when the insurance person shows up, you’ve already had the conversation and your client feels confident in you and your company rather than waiting for the client to get a big fat surprise!
We now have a solution for this issue using 24x7 live monitored security.   We call it SOC – Security Operations Center.  Sure, I’ll get calls at 3am from the security center saying a machine on my network has been hacked.   If I don’t answer, they will isolate the machine to prevent it from spreading to other machines.   This isn’t necessary a virus, a ransom or anything we have heard about.
Scroll down to the video.   Soon, this info will be on my other websites.

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