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Angelite Slab

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5 @ $28.00 / each



Date posted: 19-Feb-2023

Condition: New

Angelite connects us to our angels and animal guides. Facilitates clear, confident communication, so great for singers, public speakers, and professionals. This stone is excellent when it comes to balancing, polarizing, and aligning the physical body with the Aura. Angelite is very calming and refreshes the eyes and spirit. This is one our favorite stones to use when calming anxiety and nervousness! Pair with other calming stones, such as lepidolite, to promote ultimate relaxation. Use with throat chakra stones to amplify communication skills and connection to higher powers. These stones include amazonite, turquoise, aquamarine, lapis, etc.. 

This is an excellent slab to place on your altar! Use to charge other crystals or even incorporate into a grid. This shape is particularly good for grounding and setting intentions as it consolidates energy. During healing practices, you can even place this slab on your throat chakra to facilitate cleansing and recharging. 

Due to mother nature’s artistic liberties, each angelite slab may vary slightly in appearance. Here at Goddess Elite, we intuitively choose the exact variation you shall receive upon the placement of your order. If you have any questions regarding online orders, crystals, etc., feel free to contact us! 

Measures around 4″ wide and 0.4″ thick. 

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