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Unicorn Stone Sphere

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1 @ $60.00 / each



Date posted: 02-Aug-2023

Condition: New

This is an amazingly calming stone! A gentle combination of lepidolite, pink tourmaline, smoky quartz, and cleavelandite, which is another emotionally balancing crystal. For lose suffering with anxiety, depression, loss, heartbreak, and other heavy, negative emotions, this is the ultimate healer! A great stone to meditate with, as every mineral in this crystal provides soothing energy. Pink tourmaline helps to bring in feelings of self-love and compassion, while smoky quartz amplifies positive energy and helps with grounding. Cleavelandite helps us stay present and move freely with change, and lepidolite’s natural lithium is overall amazing for anxiety. 

Spheres make great additions to altar spaces and crystal grids. To use during meditation, simply hold your sphere in the palm of your hand. Focus on the weight and energy of the sphere and allow it to elicit deep relaxation. Visualize and feel the energy of your crystal fill your entire being. Because of their lack of points, gemstone spheres allow energy to move in all directions! The symmetry of spheres allows for the emission of powerful, high-frequency healing energies. 

Due to mother nature’s artistic liberties, each unicorn stone sphere may vary slightly in coloration or patterning. Here at Goddess Elite, we intuitively choose the variation you shall receive upon the placement of your order. If you have any questions regarding crystals, online orders, etc., feel free to contact us!

Measures 48.8 mm in diameter. 

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