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Unakite Tower

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1 @ $28.00 / Each



Date posted: 03-Nov-2022

Condition: New

Unakite is a stone of vision. Opens the third eye chakra, which allows for visualization and psychic vision. After mediation and psychic work, unakite provides grounding energy. A great stone to use for scrying, it signifies compromise and integration. Facilitates rebirth, removing blockages of spiritual growth. Again, when placed on the third eye, this stone helps us reframe issues during past-life work. Ultimately, unakite reaches the root cause of issues, brings it to the surface, and helps squash it. 

Crystal points have plenty of uses! For example, feel free to incorporate them into crystal grids or meditation practices! To use during meditation, while holding the tower, position the point away from the body to draw off energy. You can also position the point towards the body to bring energy in. Due to the size of this point, you can also keep it with you in a pocket or purse, always providing uplifting energy. 

Unakite tower measures around 3.8″ tall and 1″ around.

$28.00 each

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