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Metabolic Assessments

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Date posted: 26-Nov-2022

Metabolic testing is the most accurate way to determine your RMR, Resting Metabolic Rate, and your V02 Max. Both assessments are breathing assessments that take less than 15 minutes to complete.

RMR, or Resting Metabolic Rate is an inactive assessment that will be performed either by laying down on sitting still in a chair. The results of this assessment will reveal how many calories your body burns at rest which will determine how many calories you will need to intake to maintain, gain, or lose weight. This puts an end to under or over-eating This information will be used for your nutrition to create your meal plan.

*Dietitian services (meal plan creations) are offered at an additional fee.

V02 Max assessments are active and are usually conducted on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical trainer. The outcome of the assessment will determine your true V02 Max (not predicted) and how efficiently your body utilizes fats as an energy source at various heart rate intensities, thus creating your zones for Heart Rate Zone Training, eliminating under and over-training, and maximizing every workout. 

*Heart Rate based workouts are offered at an additional fee. 

Both assessments take out the guesswork and allow you to optimize your nutrition and every workout.

Corporate and Group Rates are available. 

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