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Phosphosiderite Tower Small

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Date posted: 13-Sep-2022

Condition: New

Phosphosiderite Tower Small $10

Discovered in the late 19th-century, this rare mineral is mainly found in Argentina and Chile. The name “phosphosiderite,” comes from the gemstones’ two main components, phosphate and iron (the Greek word for iron being “sideros”). Although it is usually light pink or purple in coloration, phosphosiderite can range from deep red to vibrant green.

This gemstone has strong masculine energy, which helps to boost self-confidence and assertiveness. Helps one become more self-sufficient, as well as more confident in their work. Can help you develop new specialized skills. Overall, good for helping you find your personal power. Also, phosphosiderite is a stone which stimulates higher communication and connections, including those with the afterlife. Helps you see and seek out new opportunities, which can help you find your purpose in life.

This point is 1.6 inches tall and .7 inches wide

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