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MG-3002 Master Grade Alpine Electric Knife Sharper

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Date posted: 28-Aug-2023

Condition: New

MG-3002  Master Grade Alpine Select Chef Knife Sharpener

This is the brand new unit in the brown shipping box. 

  • New design Electric Sharpener, designed and developed by highly skill expert in the knife industry. Master Grade manufactured commercial grade sharpener used and trusted by Supermarkets, butchers, chefs, professionals in food industries for more than 20 years. Now we launched the home chef version, high quality, best value, can sharpen your knife sharp in seconds.
  • IT IS a TOOL not a TOY, we built it using the best materials, parts and labor so that it will serve its purpose, real tool that can sharpen knife sharp.
  • MACHINE WITH SHARPENING SKILL No more dull knives at home, easy to use, sharp in seconds Designed by knife expert who transferring his skill into the machine, sharpening made easy
  • ANGLE GUIDES maintain 11° ~ 15° cutting edge Premium soft stone technology minimizes burr Not intended for serrated, single edge knives, but can work for recurve blade
  • SOLID DESIGN built with high quality materials, parts and labor. Compact size L 8”X W 3.75”X H 3“ Made in Taiwan



Alpine Electric Knife Sharpener
Sharpening skill built into the machine, easy and fun to use.


How is Master Grade sharpener different from the rest on the market? Our knife expert with an engineering background builds Master Grade knife sharpeners. This resulted in an elegant tool. It is easy to use by simply passing the blade through the slots a few times, Sharpening becomes so easy and fun.


80% of them answered “Yes”, many knives but dull.

For some, the solution is to buy a new knife while others solve the problem with a sharpening tool such as a sharpening stone or stick or an electric sharpener. The electric knife sharpener is actually the most effective way to sharpen the knife, however, sharpeners on the market don't work correctly.


The knife must have a proper angle on the blade, known as the bevel, which gives a sharp, effective cutting edge. Of all the options listed only the Master Grade Knife Sharpener is the exception. Master Grade knife sharpener sharpens the knife following the angle on the blade (the only one in the market that can do it) making the knife sharp in seconds!

* Limited 1-year warranty

* Packing in brown box or color box.

If you purchase more than one. You will received shipping and handling break, each additional unit only $18.

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