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Video Creates an Emotional Connection

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Date posted: 19-Mar-2023

Are you looking to grow your business and be more successful?

Well, video content is the key to unlocking your business’ potential. 

Having great video content allows you to build strong relationships with customers by creating an emotional connection. 

Seeing a smiling, authentic person on the screen releases dopamine into the brain, which is our bodies’ emotional stimulant and makes us feel pleasure.

According to Harvard, “95% of our buying decisions take place in the subconscious mind, and our emotions influence our purchasing behavior.”

Feelings are the fuel that drives people to buy.

Videos can be shared on social media, embedded into your website, used in marketing campaigns, or even provide customer support through tutorials and demonstrations.

You can leverage video content to increase your business’s visibility, gain more customers, and get better results from your online efforts.

Video has a great ROI, which you need when dominating your market.

Build an impact with an emotional connection.


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