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FENG SHUI: Energy Cleaning & Blessings

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Date posted: 30-May-2023

Based on Feng Shui tradition and philosophy, you can create an environment that anchors the vision of your heart’s desire and is supported by the Universal Laws of energy.
Each Bagua (specific areas in your house, office, building…) represents an aspect of your life. When the flow of energy is free from mental, physical and emotional obstacles positive manifestation begins.


* Support the power of your intent and desire to manifest more health, joy, love, success, prosperity, and inner peace

* Clear negative energy such as sadness, anger, grief

* Keep the vital energy flow healthy and strong
* Remind you with symbols the archetypes that influence your life
* Bless all living members such as co-workers, employees, and clients from an office building

* Household protection and blessing of children, animals friends, and plants

Energy Clearing and Success Blessings with Fabienne on location or Skype/Messenger  for home or office.

 $1450 ITEX

*Additional fees may apply for more rooms and, or further traveling distance than Orange County, CA area when done on location.

Destination Harmony
Contact: Fabienne Marneau
[P]: 949.294.9893



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Roger Boroway, IFB

Deborah Martin
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