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Date posted: 25-Apr-2023

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Sheroes United is all about supporting people in overcoming Trauma in the areas of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. Sheroes was founded by Celeste Gleave, who saw a need with Women Warriors needing support in the areas of domestic & sexual abuse. We pride ourselves on effecting change by focusing on Empowerment, Advocacy & Education

In 2011 Celeste Gleave, a military veteran, had a dream to recognize the women fighting for our country’s freedom and sacrificing lives, family and mental health. She did something even the White House had never done--honored women veterans with a Salute to Women Warriors.

Shortly thereafter, Bridget Cook-Burch and Celeste met as two women CEOs in normally male-dominated industries. Both strong women had survived and thrived beyond trauma. More needed to be done for their sisters, and that historic meeting changed their world, and their community. Celeste and Bridget quickly met with an extraordinary group of women business leaders: Sandy Hudson, Julie Harmon, Becky Swanson, Rene Johnson, Micaela Choo and Pamela Okumura alongside Celeste and Bridget. Too many women were suffering, too few were speaking out, and they knew they had to make it cool to RISE.


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