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Date posted: 27-Apr-2023

Ignite Firewalk Foundation Emerges as a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Dedicated to Empowering Individuals and Communities

Mid-Atlantic, USA - We are excited to announce the launch of the Ignite Firewalk Foundation, a worldwide organization of coaches and leaders dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through firewalking. Under the marketing banner “What Will You Walk For?”, our mission is to break through the barriers of fear and self-doubt caused by traumatic life experiences and provide the tools and resources necessary for individuals to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Through corporate Firewalk team building fundraisers to fundraising seminars to no cost empowerment educational resources, our goal is to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their aspirations and lead fulfilling lives.


Why Join the Ignite Firewalk Foundation Movement?

The Ignite Firewalk Foundation will offer a variety of programs to drive services and donations:

Free in-person and online workshops for personal empowerment and self-help awareness for those struggling with traumatic life experiences.

Fundraising seminars benefiting those struggling with traumatic life experiences.

Corporate team building Firewalk events adopting a local charity benefiting those struggling with traumatic life experiences.


"Our goal is to empower individuals to overcome their fears, embrace challenges, and reach their full potential through the transformative experience of firewalking regardless of their ability to pay,“ said co-founder and Program Director Kiera Smale, “We strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where participants can challenge themselves, achieve personal growth, and discover their inner strength through empowerment and experientials."


The Foundation's Goals and Objectives:

Provide Support and Resources: Our first priority is to offer support and resources to those who have experienced trauma. We believe that everyone deserves access to the necessary resources and support to heal and recover.

Raise Awareness: Our second objective is to increase awareness about the impact of trauma and the importance of addressing it. We aim to educate the public about the signs and symptoms of trauma and the resources available for those in need.

Foster Resilience and Healing: Our ultimate goal is to foster resilience and healing for individuals who have experienced trauma. With the right support, education, and resources, we believe that anyone can overcome the effects of trauma and lead a fulfilling life.


What is the Art of Firewalking?

Firewalking is an ancient ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years, with roots in cultures such as Greece, India, and Fiji. The practice involves walking barefoot over a bed of hot coals, which has been shown to be a powerful tool for honor and growth.

Today, Firewalking can be a powerful personal development tool as it challenges individuals to overcome their fears and beliefs about their own limitations. Firewalking can be a physical manifestation of taking control of one's thoughts and beliefs and transforming them into action. It can be a symbol of resilience, courage, and strength and can inspire individuals to push beyond their perceived boundaries in all areas of their life. Additionally, participating in a firewalk can provide a sense of community and shared experience, creating a supportive network of individuals who have faced similar challenges and overcome them.


"At The Ignite Firewalk Foundation, we believe that everyone has the strength to overcome their fears and reach their full potential," said Joe Rychalsky, co-founder and Technical Director. "We are thrilled to bring this life-changing experience to individuals all over the world."


How Can You Help the Ignite Firewalk Foundation?

The Ignite Firewalk Foundation is committed to creating a supportive community for individuals to grow and thrive. By participating in our events or donating to our cause, you can help us provide resources and support for individuals to continue their journey of self-discovery and personal growth long after their firewalking experience.


“Our goal is to provide a safe space where individuals can face their fears and overcome their limitations, so they can live the life they've always wanted,” said Mike Womer, President and Co-Founder, “Ignite Firewalk Foundation takes the art of Firewalking one step further by providing a platform that will allow our corporate partners to donate to worthy causes while hosting team building events and empowering their communities.”


For more information about the Ignite Firewalk Foundation and how you can get involved, please contact us at or call 302-766-0982.


About The Ignite Firewalk Foundation: The Ignite Firewalk Foundation is a worldwide non-profit organization of coaches and leaders dedicated to empowering individuals to break down the barriers of fear and self-doubt caused by traumatic life experiences and provide the tools and resources necessary for success. Through firewalking, we strive to ignite the potential in individuals and communities. What will you walk for?

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