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Date posted: 24-May-2023

Condition: New

Gateway To Freedom
You may be struggling with how to get your life back on track, after a divorce. Maybe you are having trouble with love, money, or your relationship with yourself. It could be that you feel stuck in your life or that you feel you have no purpose. What’s more, you may have tried other modalities that you thought would help you get on with your life and maybe you were disappointed.
I’m glad you’re here because I’ve been down all of these roads myself. I know that there is far more to being functional than just having good cognitive ability. Thankfully, I had that to begin with. In fact, I was considered by traditional therapy to be highly functional and not in need of therapy. That did not eliminate my struggles and suffering.
It took me so many years of endless searching to find methods of healing that not only work, but work for real. They work deeply and permanently by transforming or eliminating difficulties at their source. These roots lie in the deepest layers of the unconscious psyche, the origins of our difficulties. These roots remain far beyond our ability to reflect and understand. It is for this reason I’m making it my life’s work to save you the same months or years of struggle. I am certified to work with the only energy healing modalities today that transform or eliminate in their totality the very roots of our struggles in order to heal on all level conscious, unconscious, body and causal levels.
What this means for you is I am not only prepared but equipped to help you achieve your highest goals.

Common Questions

Can you help me with my family drama?
I can help you to heal the underlying parts of yourself that contribute to the difficulties. I can also help you to have healthy boundaries on all levels. That in itself changes the dynamic of relationships. Taking care of your own part in a relationship is in essence all anyone can do. For specific communication techniques, I suggest you might try learning nonviolent communication. I am not, however, a marriage and family counselor. When that is needed I can refer you.
Can you help me with building my business?
Again I am not a business coach but what I can do is help you to remove the internal blocks that you may have whether you are aware of them or not. Most of life’s real hurdles are internally generated and it can all be going on without our knowledge. For example financial difficulties can be a part of our DNA and genetic coding. In the end financial prosperity is really an inside job.
Can you help me with my love life?
Absolutely. Again, without our knowledge we draw to us energetically people who mirror ourselves. That means if we clean up our own internal psyche, what gets drawn into our orbit is greatly enhanced. You will remove blocks to finding love as well as drawing to yourself healthier prospects.
I was in a car accident and I now suffer from severe PTSD. Can you help with this?
Absolutely yes. Energy work is so successful with PTSD it is frequently used to successfully heal Vietnam Veterans.
Can you help me with my terrible phobia of public speaking?
Yes, this kind of phobia is very responsive to energy work whether it is rooted in trauma from previous experiences or from a predisposition arising as a combination of genetic tendencies or other biological and psychological factors.
Can you help me get past the loss of my husband, I’ve tried talk therapy but it just is not helping?
I’ve known this kind of energy clearing to resolve a loss trauma that people have suffered from for years in as little as one or two visits.
Can you help with physical healing?  Yes, even severe diagnoses such as cancer are helped greatly by dealing with the emotional upheaval involved.  I have totally resolved TMJ pain when the cause was old emotions locked in the body.  Weekly chiropractic adjustment that will not hold?  Resolving the emotions behind muscle tensions resolves this issue. for more information.



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