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Super 7 Point

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1 @ $205.00 / each



Date posted: 02-Oct-2023

Condition: New

Super 7 Point. $205.00.

This crystal is a very rare combination of seven minerals in one, including amethyst, smokey quartz, quartz, and rutile. It is a naturally occuring mineral, with potent healing energy. Brings protection, focus, clarity, positivity, creativity, and release of negative emotions. Very good to meditate with. Opens the soul to full expansion and transformation, and people consider it a stone of ascension. Does not require cleansing.

Measures 4.8inches in height, with a base of 1.8 x 2 inches.

Due to mother nature’s artistic liberties, no two pieces are identical in shape, size, hue, or pattern. Each point is slightly different!


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