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Date posted: 28-Aug-2023

Location:EVOLVE: 502 Embassy Oaks No. 103 SATX 78216

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What is a vibration plate?

This is a platform you stand on while it lightly or intensely vibrates your body. Some devices have handles while others do not. These devices are used to improve circulation and burn calories in a way that is similar to exercise.

How does the vibration plate work?

Some of the vibration plates are timed with intensity adjustments, low to high, while others simply have an on/off switch. All devices and services are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Five minutes on a low-intensity setting or as little as 30 or 60 seconds might be appropriate at a higher intensity.

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Why use a vibration plate?

NASA uses vibration therapy to increase astronauts’ muscles and bone strength in space.  Consistent use provides superior results in improved circulation and released tension.

What is an inversion table?

A platform that helps to decompress your spine by hanging you upside down. Our table is height & degree adjustable.

How does the inversion table work?

The first time using the device, or until you feel comfortable, you can get the help of a team member to help you adjust the height and the degree you want to go upside down. It is really important to secure your ankles tightly. It is also really important to work your way up in the amount of time you spend upside down, as well as, the degree.

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Why use an Inversion Table

The activities in our modern lifestyles lead us to sit often which is very constricting on the spine. Gravity also compresses us while standing, walking, or running. By hanging upside down, over time, we might decompress and create more flexibility.


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