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Date posted: 28-Aug-2023

Location:EVOLVE: 502 Embassy Oaks No. 103 SATX 78216

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What are Interactive Mirrors?

The mirrors provide interactive guided classes with a variety of world-class professional coaches. With numerous classes to take, from beginner to expert, you’ll never be bored at Evolve Human Optimization Labs. There are more than 60 types of classes that include stretching, foam rolling, thai chi, yoga, and more.

How it works:

Interactive mirrors are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The mirrors go to sleep while not in use so we typically start by pressing the ON button at the top of the iPad. If the mirror does not react you might also need to press the ON button at the bottom of the mirror. An Evolve Human Optimization Labs team member can help you if the wifi needs to be reconnected. Once on, you can view hundreds of different classes to select the one you feel will help you the most with your goals.

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Why use Interactive Mirrors?

These activities are complimentary to any workout regimen but also very helpful in obtaining a more peaceful state of mind. Life is all about balance. We often push ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout our lives. These activities help us to slow down and relieve some of the building pressure. The interactive mirrors are a perfect opportunity to foster more peace, recover more efficiently, prevent injuries, improve our well-being, and enhance our quality of life.

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