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Date posted: 04-Aug-2023

Trade Options from ABAGALE TV Channels  Choose from any of the four options

  1. Advertising 1 minute commercials in a package of (8 spots a day) 240 frequency a month for four months  $60 cash $900 trade
  2. Advertising 1 minute commercials in a package of (12 spots a day) 360 frequency a month for three months $80 cash $1000 trade.
  3. 3.        Hour show or sponsorship of a show twice a week 

    (3  one-minute advertising spots per show) plus 3 more ads per day

    $150  plus $1000 trade  

    4.  Two one minute spots a day (sixty a month)  $180 trade dollars



    Notice some of the trade comes from ABA Basketball Teams and they also have TV Channels


    Trade Options from ABAGALE TV Channels are various types and in many cities

    Real Estate Channels

    City Channels

    Orlando FL

    Boca Raton FL

    Raleigh NC

    Indianapolis IN

    Carmel IN

    Noblesville IN

    Pontiac MI

    Port Huron MI

    Basketball Teams Thus Far, More to come soon

    St. Louis Spirits, Damon Cannon,

    Akron Aviators, Brian Collins,

    Pontiac Pilots, Jim Brennen,

    Maine Bulldogs, Chad Gray,

    Seattle Transformers, Zach Gill

    Steel City Yellow Jackets, Ace Pippens,

    Houston Red Storm, Larry Leonard,

    Alamo City All Stars, Sharon Blacknall

    Phoenix AZ

    Sacramento CA


    Los Angeles

    San Francisco

    San Diego




    Pensacola, FL



    Savannah GA

    Augusta GA

    Macon GA


    Southern Idaho

    Indianapolis IN

    Fort Wayne IN

    Michiana IN

    Northwest IN

    Louisville, KY

    Baltimore MD

    Grand Rapids, MI

    Detroit MI

    Lansing    MI

    Ann Arbor  MI

    Detroit MI

    Salem NC

    Durham NC

    Cherry Hill NJ

    Columbus, OH

    Youngstown OH

    Cincinnati OH


    Las Vegas

    Philadelphia PA

    Charleston   SC

    Columbia   SC

    Myrtle Beach  SC

    Hilton Head  SC

    Greenville  SC

    Nashville North

    Nashville South



    Austin TX

    Austin TX

    Richmond VA

    VA Beaches VA

    Seattle King Co.  WA

    Seattle WA

    Winston Salem NC

    Wilmington NC

    Charlotte NC



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Barter Depot

Cathy and Scott Ebberbach
8192 White Rock Circle
Boynton Beach, FL 33436
(P) (561) 731-3434
(F) (561) 731-4452
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