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Crestcom International Supervisor (CIS) program

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1 @ $2,750 per 3 month program



Date posted: 22-Aug-2023

Program Overview

The Crestcom International Supervisor (CIS) program is a six-module curriculum designed for
management team members at the Supervisor or potential Supervisor level. Enrolled supervisors
will have access to the Crestcom Learning Portal containing the library of faculty speaker videos
and PowerPoint slides, plus serves as a repository for module action plans and results.

Targeted Leadership Competencies
● Develops Customer Focus How to Exceed Customer Expectations
● Influences Others How to Become a Stress Buster
● Drives For Results How to Help Employees Be Their Best
● Executes Vision The Listening Advantage
● Models Personal Growth The 70-minute Hour
● Develops Positive Relationships How to Deal With Difficult People

Learning Objectives by Module

How to Exceed Customer Expectations – Featuring Lisa Ford
● Understand the four levels of customer service
● Be able to exceed customer expectations
● Learn how to recover customer loyalty
● Discover ways to empower employees
How to Become a Stress Buster – Featuring Amanda Gore
● Identify the physical & emotional warning signs of stress
● Discover techniques to control and lower stress
● Learn how to balance the relationship between excess input (emotional, mental and
physical) and productivity
● Explore why different people react differently to stress

How to Help Employees Be Their Best – Featuring John Hersey
● See how “looking to greatness” can benefit you, your company, department or work
● Understand the difference between a “Contained” and a “Contagious” Leader
● Learn to identify, refer to, and hold people accountable for their strengths
The Listening Advantage – Featuring Dr. Terry Paulson
● Better understand the importance of listening
● Discover the 3 keys of listening leadership
● Be able to listen louder in the workplace
● Learn how to be an effective listening facilitator
The 70-minute Hour – Featuring Dr. Jim Hennig
● Identify 12 productivity time locks
● Examine methods to overcome the locks on productivity
● Learn more ways to spend more time doing what you value most

How to Deal With Difficult People – Featuring Dr. Terry Paulson
● Understand that conflict has value
● Discover ways to make conflict work for you, not against you
● Learn to give – and receive – effective feedback
● Find ways to build bridges and develop trust in difficult relationships

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