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Rose quartz slab

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Date posted: 17-Aug-2023

Condition: New

Rose quartz is the crystal of divine love. Encourage love in every aspect of life: self-love, friendships, romantic relationships, and more. Because it is so connected to the heart, rose quartz is great for creating an environment in which trauma and grief can heal, and compassion can take their place. Overall, this crystal is great for promoting deep inner peace and warding off negativity. Pair carnelian with rose quartz in order to promote fertility and connection with loved ones. When going through a breakup, carnelian and rose quartz together can help you let go and boost self-esteem. Encourage success in business and relationships with citrine and rose quartz. Amplify heart-healing properties with green aventurine. With amethyst, rose quartz promotes deep, spiritual love and attraction. 

This is an excellent slab to place on your altar! Use to charge other crystals or even incorporate into a grid. This shape is particularly good for grounding and setting intentions as it consolidates energy. During healing practices, you can even place this slab on your heart chakra to facilitate cleansing and recharging.

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