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Druzy Agate Sphere

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1 @ $75.00 / Each



Date posted: 24-Aug-2023

Condition: New

Druzy Agate Sphere: $75

Druzy Agate: Druzy Agate enhances the energy of other crystals and gemstones, making it an excellent companion for crystal healing and energy work. It amplifies the effects of paired stones, boosting their healing properties.

It promotes mental clarity, focus, and concentration, clearing the mind of distractions and improving decision-making abilities. Druzy Agate balances energies, fostering harmony within oneself and the environment, stabilizing emotions, promoting inner peace, and bringing a sense of balance and equilibrium to life.

It serves as a protective talisman, shielding the aura from negative energies, promoting safety, and providing grounding to the physical and emotional body.

Additionally, it supports spiritual growth and inner exploration, facilitating connections with higher realms, enhancing intuition, and deepening understanding of oneself and the universe.

This Druzy Agate Sphere is 60mm.

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