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Flower agate mini puff heart

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6 @ $10.00 / Each



Date posted: 09-Sep-2023

Condition: New

Flower Agate: Flower Agate nurtures and supports individuals, encouraging them to blossom and reach their full potential. It soothes and calms, promoting emotional healing, balance, and the release of blockages and past traumas. 

It stimulates creativity, inspiring artists, writers, and creative individuals to unlock new perspectives and ideas. Flower Agate attracts abundance and aids in manifesting positive opportunities and goals. It facilitates spiritual growth, enhances intuition, and deepens one’s spiritual practice. 

Despite its delicate appearance, Flower Agate grounds and stabilizes individuals, providing a sense of anchoring and centeredness, especially during times of change. Its captivating flower-like pattern, formed by the combination of agate and chalcedony, connects the heart and root chakras. 

Flower Agate empowers individuals to confront past traumas, embrace sensitivity, and eliminate negative physical and emotional consequences.

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