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Azurite Sphere

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Date posted: 12-Sep-2023

Condition: New

Connects to the crown and third-eye chakras. One of the best stones for improving psychic abilities! Aids in lucid dreaming, inner vision, astral projection, and more! Raises mental capabilities, creating a great mindset for reaching goals. Purges negativity in the mind, which helps to remove negative thoughts, habits, and even addictions. For those who struggle with standing up for themselves, azurite can help shake off guilt and people-pleasing behaviors. Find your personal power! In the home, you can place azurite on a desk to boost creativity. For improving familial relationships, place azurite in a common space, such as a living room. 

Spheres make great additions to altar spaces and crystal grids. To use during meditation, simply hold your sphere in the palm of your hand. Focus on the weight and energy of the sphere and allow it to elicit deep relaxation. Visualize and feel the energy of your crystal fill your entire being. 

Measures 64 mm in diameter.

Due to the open pockets of raw azurite on this sphere, keep away from pets and children. Azurite is a toxic mineral. Avoid licking, ingesting small pieces, or inhaling azurite dust. 

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