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Lepidolite Sphere

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1 @ $55.00 / each



Date posted: 13-Sep-2023

Condition: New

Lepidolite dispels negative energies, activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Helps to reveal blockages from past lives. Soothes restless sleep and emotional stress. Helps one gain independence and the ability to accomplish goals, without the need of outside help.

Reduces stress and depression, stabilizes mood swings, including those caused by mood disorders. The lithium found in this stone is also commonly found in mood-related medications. Provides support for overcoming addictions.  

One of our favorite stones to use when soothing anxiety! Overall, it helps to create a calm, feel-good environment. 

Spheres make great additions to altar spaces and crystal grids. To use during meditation, simply hold your sphere in the palm of your hand. Focus on the weight and energy of the sphere and allow it to elicit deep relaxation. Visualize and feel the energy of your crystal fill your entire being.

Because of their lack of points, gemstone spheres allow energy to move in all directions! The symmetry of spheres allows for the emission of powerful, high-frequency healing energies.

Measures 48mm in diameter
Due to mother nature’s artistic liberties, each sphere may vary slightly in appearance

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