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Hair Brushes 100% Boar Bristles

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Date posted: 23-Aug-2021

These brushes are hand made in France. The best materials is used in terms of wood and bristles.

The black bristles are 100% boar bristles of high quality ideal for massaging the scalp (in order to assure a better blood circulation) and removing all dead hair and this without breaking your hair.

The white bristles are 100% silk and are perfect for fine or limp hair.

The handle is made with a rare black wood called Ebony of Macassar.

These brushes are sold in high end retail stores such SAKS 5 TH AVENUE at the same following prices:

Ebony- Rubber cushion-Boar bristles Big size $115

(Ideal for women with long, thick and tangled hair)

Ebony-Rubber cushion-Silk Big size $115

(Ideal for women with long and limp hair or children and 4 months old babies and up).

Professional Pure boar bristles (rectangular) $66

Ideal for men with thick hair or for women with short and curly hair

Round short pure boar bristles $58

(Ideal for blow dry), to straighten or curl.


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Michel Muzzin, ILB

Ahlam Satrani
5877 Papineau Ave
3rd Floor
Montreal, QC H2G 2W3
(P) (514) 383-4839
(F) (514) 388-2912
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