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Synergy's Acne Treatment Lotion

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200 @ $10.00 / tube



Date posted: 31-Jul-2021

Are you sick and tired of Acne, skin blemishes, & complexion problems that embarass you ~ STOP them IMMEDIATELY with ~ Acne treatment that REALLY WORKS !

ACNE LOTION by Synergy Worldwide.

Suggested retail price: $ 40.30 per tube

Although rarely a serious threat to overall health, acne can have serious psychological consequences - especially for adolescents - and can lead to social withdrawal and feelings of inferiority. And acne doesn't just affect teenagers. Nearly 50 percent of adults suffer from this skin ailment at some time.

The good news is that acne can be treated effectively. Incorporating a regimen of topical treatments, diet, and nutritional supplements helps heal acne and promote normal skin function. Combining Synergy's Acne Treatment Lotion with a healthy diet and Synergy's nutritional supplements is ideal therapy. Eliminating acne requires a dual approach: prevention and treatment.

Preventing Acne
The foods you eat can profoundly affect your skin. Foods beneficial to the skin include essential fatty acids, high-quality proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods to avoid include sweets, processed carbohydrates, and saturated or trans fats.

Nutritional supplements can have an important impact in treating acne. Synergy products such as VitaPak, NutriBurst, Body Guard, Noni Supreme, and SyneMax provide the vital nutrients you need for healthy skin.

Treating Acne
Synergy's Acne Treatment Lotion contains several potent ingredients to support acne treatment and overall skin health. These ingredients include salicylic acid, licorice extract, algae extract, Artemisia princeps leaf extract, retinol, and zinc PCA.

Salicylic acid is effective in healing blemishes and preventing new breakouts, while licorice extract helps control the skin's oil production. Algae extract and Artemisia princeps leaf extract smooth the skin and provide powerful antioxidant properties. Retinol effectively targets many dermatological disorders, and zinc PCA helps lower oil secretions in the skin and slows the growth of harmful bacteria.

Used as directed, Synergy's Acne Skin Treatment can aid in controlling troublesome acne outbreaks and help you regain overall skin health.

According to many Synergy Worldwide distributors, these products have a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture. During which time the products maintain full potency. This product was manufactured 10/2004. Synergy places an expiration date of 10/2006 - 24 months from date of manufacture, for inventory control purposes. Synergy Independent distributors confidently continue to be sell their inventory up until the 5 year date. These products came from an inventory maintained by a Synergy Worldwide distributor, and has been stored in a climate controlled warehouse, so the shelf life until mid 2009 should still be intact.


  • Aids in healing blemishes and preventing breakouts.
  • Reduces redness, swelling, and inflammation
  • Unclogs pores and controls bacteria growth
  • Includes essential vitamins and botanical extracts to provide natural skin-nourishing benefits
  • Formulated with Barrier Restoration Technology to help repair the skin's natural protective lipid barrier

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