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Rose quartz slab
North Olmstead, OH
Rose quartz is the crystal of divine love. Encourage love in every aspect of life: self-love, friendships, romantic relationships, and more. Because it is so connected to the heart, rose quartz is gre ... more

1 @ $35.00 / Each

Black Tourmaline Specimen
North Olmstead, OH
Black tourmaline in natural formation. Great for grounding energies and for protection. ... more

1 @ $40.00 / Each

Crystal Prescriptions Vol 8
North Olmstead, OH
popular Crystal Prescriptions series, this volume introduces the core processes of harnessing crystals to manifest an abundant life, and release blocks to prosperity. It examines karmic debts, ancestr ... more

1 @ $20.95 / each

Hamsa Hand Mirror
North Olmstead, OH
The Hamsa hand is an amulet most commonly found in Northern Africa and the Middle East. It has historical religious roots, dating back to early Mesopotamia and Morocco. It has different meanings in I ... more

2 @ $45.00 / Each

Orange Calcite Tower
North Olmstead, OH
Orange Calcite Tower: $80Orange Calcite:Speeds up personal development and growth. Great stone for cleansing and energizing our lower chakras, associated with our emotions, creativity, and connections ... more

1 @ $80.00 / Each

Smoky Amethyst Cluster
North Olmstead, OH
This beautiful cluster is only $60.00 and is 4″ across / 3″ tallAmethyst is a great staple for any crystal collection!Use this crystal to promote:peaceprotectionalleviating stress and the symptoms ass ... more

1 @ $60.00 / Each

Copal 15gm Satya Incense Sticks
North Olmstead, OH
Copal Satya Stick Incense. $2.00. 15-gram box holds around 12 8″ sticks. Copal incense has a similar woody scent as Oodh, however, not as heavy. It is also slightly citrusy. Traditionally used in indi ... more

34 @ $2.00 / Each

Bone Orchard Case
North Olmstead, OH
This fun case is perfect for holding business cards, tampons, cigars or anything else you can think of (that'll fit of course)Steel plated. 4" by 3" by .4" ... more

1 @ $36.00 / each

Spinstress Craft
North Olmstead, OH
This inspiring guide is a rallying cry to find your unbridled voice through magickal practices and modern spirituality. Written for beginners of all identities, Spinstress Craft shows you how to rock ... more

3 @ $19.99 / each

Yellow Jasper Tower
North Olmstead, OH
3” tall x 1.1” wide and .9” thick. Yellow Jasper helps releive stress and anxiety. Aids in mental clarity and help stay focused. ... more

1 @ $30.00 / Each

2.8” tall x 3” wide x .7” thick. Blue Apatite with orange calcite helps uplift one’s mood. A great stone for the third eye chakra. ... more

1 @ $90.00 / Each

Scion Consulting is a one stop shop for all Information Technology needs. From e-marketing and website design, to hardware acquisition and life cycle, to office 365 and email hosting. We have been in ... more

1 @ Varies per Project

Mr Formal Transportation
Cleveland, OH
Mr. Formal TransportationWhere elegance and style meet exceptional services.Serving Ohio for over 60 years in ground transportation providing motorcoaches, limo buses and shuttle services.We understa ... more

10 @ $275.00 / Per Hour

Nevermore Typewriter Case
North Olmstead, OH
This fun case is perfect for holding business cards, tampons, cigars or anything else you can think of (that'll fit of course)Steel plated. 4" by 3" by .4" ... more

1 @ $36.00 / each

Lodolite Sterling Pendant
North Olmstead, OH
Lodolite sterling silver pendant come in an array of colors. Also known as shaman stone or lodolite, garden quartz consists of clear quartz with chlorite inclusions. It is a powerful grounding stone, ... more

1 @ $30.00 / each

Amethyst Slab Pendant
North Olmstead, OH
Amethyst is a great staple for any crystal collection! Use this crystal to promote peace and protection. It is helpful in alleviating stress and the symptoms associated with it, such as fatigue and he ... more

1 @ $8.00 / each

Super 7 Point
North Olmstead, OH
Super 7 Point. $205.00.This crystal is a very rare combination of seven minerals in one, including amethyst, smokey quartz, quartz, and rutile. It is a naturally occuring mineral, with potent healing ... more

1 @ $205.00 / each

Dead of Night Case
North Olmstead, OH
This fun case is perfect for holding business cards, tampons, cigars or anything else you can think of (that'll fit of course)Steel plated. 4" by 3" by .4" ... more

1 @ $36.00 / each

Unicorn Stone Sphere
North Olmstead, OH
This is an amazingly calming stone! A gentle combination of lepidolite, pink tourmaline, smoky quartz, and cleavelandite, which is another emotionally balancing crystal. For lose suffering with anxiet ... more

1 @ $60.00 / each

Goddess Energy Shirt Medium
North Olmstead, OH
Proudly show off your goddess energy to the world with this comfortable and stylish black shirt. Black is the color of wisdom and a protective color to hide away in while enjoying your shirt. Add a dr ... more

5 @ $15.00 / each

Shungite Palm Stone
North Olmstead, OH
Shungite is a rare carbon mineral that connects to the root chakra. This sphere promotes physical and spiritual evolution, and reduces stress. Safe to cleanse in water, sunlight, soil, etc.Many people ... more

2 @ $21.00 / each

rainbow Moonstone Massage Wand
North Olmstead, OH
Moonstone softens the ego, attracts harmony, and increases receptivity and awareness. It can bring emotional balance and flexibility. It is the emotional healer.Length in Inches: 2.75Diameter in Inche ... more

2 @ $18.00 / each

Relative Tarot
North Olmstead, OH
Discover your true potential by connecting with your beloved ancestors. This spirited tarot includes a deck rich in vintage photographs from a wide arrow of ethnic origins and various walks of life. T ... more

3 @ $36.00 / each

I Ching For Beginners
North Olmstead, OH
For more than three thousand years, the I Ching has offered guidance to emperors, generals, and philosophers. Amazingly accurate, this ancient oracle anticipates change and recommends timely action in ... more

3 @ $16.99 / each

RSD/Neuropathy Cream
North Olmstead, OH
RSD was originally formulated for someone with Reflexive Sympatheitic Dystrophy (or RSD). In the third stage of this issue, people often get cramps accompanied by burning hot spots making it too painf ... more

10 @ $16.00 / each

Steven's Auto & Truck Accessories,Inc. in Eastlake, Ohio does automobile detailing for cars, trucks & suv's. Call 440.953.2900 to make an appointment The Deluxe Detail includes the following: * ... more

1 @ Varies per Vehicle

The15th Annual NEO/Cleveland Facilities Maintenance & Management Expo is returning to the Holiday Inn Rockside in Independence Ohio on Thursday November 2, 2023. Reserve your booth space now! Visito ... more

1 @ Varies per Booth

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