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Mini Portable USB Fan Quiet Desktop Desk Silent Cooler Cooling For Laptop PC Features: Durable Blades - 4 Aluminium Blades (not plastic). High Quality Metal Frame Structure. ... more

17 @ $29.00

Spray Model #1165. New in box. Measures 7 1/2" Across, 6 1/2” High.All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection.FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM, PLEASE CALL DIANE AT (303) ... more

1 @ $27.99 / one

StringThing Limbo
StringThing Limbo How low can you go? Create your own Limbo party with the StringThing Limbo! It shoots a black light responsive string more than 7 feet across the room. The StringThing Limbo feature ... more

15 @ $35.00 / each

Kashmir Dream in Philadelphia, PA is an online retailer offering beautiful unique artifacts and accessories made in India, China, and Morocco which include hand-embroidered tapestries and hand-beaded ... more


Goebel Pitcher
Houston, TX
Goebel 8 1/4" Tall Frair Tuck Pitcher Jug circa 1979 Largest SizeGoebel 2 1/4" Tall Friar Tuck Creamer PitcherALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO BLOOMING BUTTERFLIES INC., A TEXAS NON-PROFIT, 501 (C)(3)D ... more

2 @ $125.00

This set of mid century modern Dinnerware includes 9 saucers and 1 Dinner plate. Sizes:Saucers - 8"Plate - 11"ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO BLOOMING BUTTERFLIES, INC., A TEXAS NON-PROFIT, 501(C)(3). ... more

10 @ $150.00

1 @ $40.00

In Perfect Condition! Made in England. Great scenes from English taverns. They are made out of cork with a of laminated cover. Each measures 4 1/4" square.All Antiques and Collectibles are from a pri ... more

1 @ $29.99 / set

Plush Futon Mattress High End Coil Spring Futon Mattresses Description: The Plush offers firm support. This significant futon mattress looks and feels much like an upholstered piece of furniture. T ... more

10 @ Varies per each

Large Assorted Kite's Package (3 Kites Included) 3 Large 3D Kite's Included (xx" x xx") Assorted Designs (Shark, Dolphin, Killer Whale, Stealth Fighter, Bald Eagle, Space Shuttle, Hammerhead Shark ... more

6 @ $99.95 / Each

Made in Japan. Decorated with hand painted flowers and gold leaf accents. It is 12" in Diameter. Perfect Condition. All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection FOR MORE INFORMATIO ... more

1 @ $69.99 / ea

Onion Chopper
Austin, TX
New in the box Onion Choppers will make any job in the kitchen easier. Has a limited quantity. $17.95 Itex. Call Suresh 512-619-4121.Make working in the kitchen easier with the Prepworks Onion Chopp ... more

many @ $17.95 / per chopper

Set of four handmade needlepoint coasters and matching trivet. Great for entertaining, or for a gift. ... more

1 @ $16.95 / set

Preserved Rose in a Glass Dome with LightsJust in time for Valentine’s Day, we have a memberthat is selling these in red, pink and white roses. The dome is 7 ½ inches in height.You can order as many a ... more

200 @ $38.00 / 1

Soy Milk Machines
Sacramento, CA
Soy Milk Machines- New in Box (4 available) Soaked Soybeans & Distilled Water + 20 Minutes- Fresh Hot Soymilk $159.00 ITEX Sales tax is $14.31 Easy to Operate Fully Automatic & Microprocess ... more

2 @ $159.00 / EA

At Knots & Weaves we love our rugs for their intricate detail, incomparable craftsmanship, and time-tested durability but also for the rich and vibrant history woven into each one. Our love of unique ... more


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