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RSD/Neuropathy Cream
North Olmstead, OH
RSD was originally formulated for someone with Reflexive Sympatheitic Dystrophy (or RSD). In the third stage of this issue, people often get cramps accompanied by burning hot spots making it too painf ... more

10 @ $16.00 / each

Fortune Teller Tarot Card Soap
North Olmstead, OH
Get a reading from your soap! Handcrafted. Each soap has a tarot card in it!Ingredients: Shea Butter, Hemp, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor, Aloe, Distilled Water, Fragrance, Mica ... more

9 @ $10.00 / each

Shungite Palm Stone
North Olmstead, OH
Shungite is a rare carbon mineral that connects to the root chakra. This sphere promotes physical and spiritual evolution, and reduces stress. Safe to cleanse in water, sunlight, soil, etc.Many people ... more

2 @ $21.00 / each

Crystal Affirmation Deck
North Olmstead, OH
This deck will help you connect to the healing energy of crystals ... more

5 @ $36.00 / each

Kyanite Crescent Moon
North Olmstead, OH
Crescent moon of blue and green kyaniteThis piece 5.5 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide, .5 inch thick. ... more

2 @ $40.00 / each

Pink Amethyst Bat
North Olmstead, OH
These rare crystals have so far only been found in Patagonia, Argentina. Hematite inclusions give amethyst a pink tone, rather than the usual vibrant purple. Although pink and purple amethyst are the ... more

1 @ $75.00 / each

Unicorn Stone Tower
North Olmstead, OH
This is an amazingly calming Tower! Crystal points have plenty of uses! For example, feel free to incorporate them into crystal grids or meditation practices! To use during meditation, while holding t ... more

3 @ $45.00 / each

Goddess Energy Shirt Medium
North Olmstead, OH
Proudly show off your goddess energy to the world with this comfortable and stylish black shirt. Black is the color of wisdom and a protective color to hide away in while enjoying your shirt. Add a dr ... more

5 @ $15.00 / each

Relative Tarot
North Olmstead, OH
Discover your true potential by connecting with your beloved ancestors. This spirited tarot includes a deck rich in vintage photographs from a wide arrow of ethnic origins and various walks of life. T ... more

3 @ $36.00 / each