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With this package you get all of the features of the peace of mind package only the limits have moved up to 200 transactions, 200 invoices, and 20 employees. This package also includes property tax pr ... more

5 @ $2,840.00 / Each

2 months of Flawless Follow-up - $998 ITEX and ($10 cash Registration fee & Twilio Set-up Fee) INCLUDES FREE $25 Twilio Gift Card – Only two available. Note: User must pay their own SMS messaging fee ... more

2 @ $998.00 / packages

Hypnosis will help you develop a new thought process when it comes to eating, making weight loss easier than ever before.With our Hypnosis Weight Loss program, we don’t prescribe you a diet, we help y ... more

1 @ $600.00

Smoking SessionHypnotism helped him to quit, with minimal but manageable cravings, and after a few short weeks, there were none. It’s a much more practical and tangible approach than counting on your ... more

1 @ $599.00 / ITEX

*Available Nationally via Zoom, Skype and other types of connections*Personal and Performance CoachingWith the many tools and methods I have, I can get you to your goals in the quickest amount of time ... more

3 @ $595.00

Grab these elegant and stylish nesting tables that provide a functional space-saving solution for any living room, bedroom or office. Offer: $350 ITEX /each (Only 2 available)To order, call ITEX in S ... more

2 @ $350.00 / each table

Portable Storage
Minneapolis, MN
Looking to store items for winter? Patio furniture, water skis, etc. Get a portable storage container delivered to you! Load it, then we store it inside our Climate-Controlled Warehouse. Cash for del ... more

$199.00 / per month

This is an In-Person Event in San Antonio to 'jump start' your business year! I know you've been trying to make it to your Turning Point and timing just hasn't been convenient. I also know that I hav ... more

20 @ $199.00 / each

Imagine waking each day feeling elated about how great your life is; about how well your business is doing... Your Turning Point awaits! Your attendance all three days (27-29 Nov, 202 ... more

30 @ $199.00 / each

Includes 30 inch silver plated necklace with 5 interchangeable dangling beaded headpins. You can move these headpins anywhere on this necklace, or remove them and use them for purse/zipper/bag/fan pu ... more

1 @ $99.00

Unicorn Stone Sphere
North Olmstead, OH
This is an amazingly calming stone! A gentle combination of lepidolite, pink tourmaline, smoky quartz, and cleavelandite, which is another emotionally balancing crystal. For lose suffering with anxiet ... more

1 @ $60.00 / each

Circa 1950’s. This beautiful brooch is decorated with clear crystal flowers and stems and lime green petals. The flowers move and offer a 3D visual of the brooch. Measures 2 1/2” High; 2” Wide. Excell ... more

1 @ $59.97 / one

NEW Baseball Dice Board Game
Delray Beach, FL
Baseball Dice Board Game Handmade - wooden material Size: 15 x 10 1/2 Game Instructions: 1. Just like baseball! Start with zero outs and 1" inning top pinballs. Place 4 pinballs each in home and vi ... more

1 @ $55.00

Lepidolite Sphere
North Olmstead, OH
Lepidolite dispels negative energies, activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Helps to reveal blockages from past lives. Soothes restless sleep and emotional stress. Helps ... more

1 @ $55.00 / each

Turquoise Sphere
North Olmstead, OH
Turquoise Sphere 55mm $50Turquoise: Turquoise is a natural stone that is considered sacred in Native American traditions. In traditional thought, it unites the Earth and sky, bringing together male an ... more

2 @ $50.00 / Each

Smoky Quartz Sphere
North Olmstead, OH
Smoky Quartz has long been used by druids for its powerful guiding properties. With warm, positive energy, this sphere is great for getting rid of negativity, depression, and other negative emotions. ... more

3 @ $30.00 / each

Mini Portable USB Fan Quiet Desktop Desk Silent Cooler Cooling For Laptop PC Features: Durable Blades - 4 Aluminium Blades (not plastic). High Quality Metal Frame Structure. ... more

9 @ $29.00

Jade Massage Roller
North Olmstead, OH
This jade roller is a tranquil and gentle massager which helps to depuff the face and under eye area while revitalizing skin elasticity. Massaging the lymphatic system is key to helping our fae move ... more

4 @ $25.00 / each

New Lifestyle Number 9 10-DVD Box Set By Graham Kerr & Treena Kerr 1) A "Weighty" Issue 2) A Family Affair 3) Complimentary Nutrition 4) Winning by Moving 5)Optimal Nutrition 6) Think Before You Eat ... more

1000 @ $25.00

This adorable wooden puppet toy is a fun classic jumping jack. It has a string attached to his hat for hanging and another string at the bottom that makes his arms and legs move when pulled. Measures ... more

41 @ $18.95 / ea

This adorable wooden puppet toy is a fun classic jumping jack. It has a string attached to his hat for hanging and another string at the bottom that makes his arms and legs move when pulled. Measures ... more

51 @ $18.95 / ea

This adorable wooden Pinocchio puppet toy is a fun classic jumping jack. It has a string attached to his hat for hanging and another string at the bottom that makes his arms and legs move when pulled. ... more

18 @ $18.95 / ea

These papaya trees are organic and non-GMO, grown from certified seeds! They are small but very fast-growing, but will not fruit until next year unless you live in a sub-tropical area. They can hand ... more

30 @ $11.00 / Each

PATHFINDERS DOWNSIZING SOLUTIONS LLC Tampa, FL Faced with a stressful move? At Pathfinders Downsizing Solutions our mission is to make the downsizing and/or relocation process as easy and stress-free ... more

1 @ Varies per each service

Floor Cleaning
San Antonio, TX
Offers the following on ITEX: Carpet Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Floors Cleaning ... more

1 @ Varies

Clock / Watch Repair
Port Orange, FL
MIKE'S H&E CLOCKS, INC Port Orange, FL Established in 1954, H & E has a long and solid reputation as the leader in the sales and service of fine timepieces in the Volusia/Flagler County area in East ... more

1 @ Varies per repair

Do you or your client have a piece of land that needs developed? We can do that! Do you needed building design or structural or civil engineer to solve a problem for you? We can do that. Is you ... more

1 @ Negotiable

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party th ... more

5 @ Varies

Got TrashCall GOT TRASH at 732-431-2788 and we’ll come load up and haul away your junk, garbage and trash on the very same day. Don’t worry about moving your junk to the curb, we’ll handle all the loa ... more

few @ Varies

Founded in 2019, the Mtn.Annex is an exciting new venture in Winthrop, Wa. featuring 20 unique office spaces for a variety of purposes. It’s place for everyone to do what’s right for them and that’s e ... more

Several @ Varies

A Masterclass in the Art and Strategy of High-Powered Business Performance! Are you… Building a business? Repairing a relationship? Overcoming addiction? Recovering your health? Preparing for competi ... more

20 @ N/A

SPECIAL!! 2 for $25 get in shape with a friend for the holidays Pilates Stick Bar with Resistance Bands - Booty Bar - Pink or Purple - Sturdy, Yoga Long Bar - Home Gym Equipment - Booty Exercise Band ... more

Many @ 2 for $25 special

Wiz Cleaners - Your Professional Cleaning Service Provider in the Miami Area Experience the Magic with Wiz Cleaners. Our professional cleaning services stand out with a commitment to excellence. F ... more

15 @ Varies

What Is GPS Tracking?GPS tracking is an automated vehicle location system. It allows you to quickly locate a vehicle without having to call your driver. It starts with a small GPS device that is insta ... more

2 @ Varies

Eco- friendly junk removal you'll feel great about. We provide both residential and commercial customers with professional, affordable & environmentally responsible junk removal services. Trash and S ... more


A Masterclass in the Art and Strategy of High Performance! Use ITEX to pay for your course! Simply use code ITEX at check out and put your ITEX account number in the company field. *Please note that ... more

100 @ Varies

Do you or a loved one have a criminal case somewhere in San Diego County that needs expungement? Do they want to get off probation early? Get a Former Prosecutor and Award-Winning Defense Attorney ... more

10 @ Varies

Welcome Mara Palermo! Relationship and Self Love Coach servicing our wonderful ITEX Family! Breaking free from a past relationship? Mara's services empowers and coaches individuals into moving for ... more


INTERCHANGEABLE VINTAGE INSPIRED COLLECTION - Perfect for Holiday Gifts 1 WEEK ONLY! Special Pricing Ends Oct 12. B ... more

Many @ Varies