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$13,000.00 ITEX... closing, transfer-- $795.00 cash Timeshare for sale CARLSBAD SEAPOIN ... more

1 @ $13,000.00

These posters feature stunning artwork that is sure to impress. The attention to detail and creative use of color will make them stand out in any room. Whether you're looking to add a pop of art to yo ... more

149 @ $3,000.00 / 149 pcs

Schwinn Antique Bike
Chicago, IL
Remember Pee Wee Herman's bicycle? Well this one looks a lot like it but has it's own characteristics. Has crazy sounding bell (horn) on front, and light on the front end, just needs a battery! Starte ... more

1 @ $2,500.00 / ea

Price Drop: Fruit of the Tree of Life
San Fernando Valley, CA
“Fruit of the Tree of Life” Rare Lithograph Number 296 Out of 300 (sold out edition). Beautifully Framed and Double Matted (Lithograph 22 x 14.5 inches, framed 32 x 25). $2,500 ITEX Plus Cash Shippin ... more

1 @ $2,500.00

Queen Wooden Bedroom Set
Windermere, FL
Previuosly Loved Wood Queen Bedroom Set Queen Bed (mattress not included), Dresser with mirror and Two Nightstands Real wood and good quality and condition$900 ITEXPick up in Windermere, Fl areaEmail ... more

1 @ $900.00 / set

"Amigo"By Luis Felipe Romero, Colombia S.A. from his series of paintings entitled " Colors Of Ritual " (El Color del Ritual) 2013.This original, vibrant oil on canvas painting was inspired by the lif ... more

1 @ $550.00

Inside every business is a hidden treasure trove of untapped wealth. Our "Breakthrough Jumpstart 12" examines the top 12 areas in your business where we uncover major financial breakthroughs in 97% of ... more

10 @ $400.00 / Session

Exelsior Jazz Picture
Lakeland, FL
Exelsior Jazz Picture measuring 33 x 27Great painting of a Jazz band - perfect for a restaurant, blues club or even a mancave. ... more

1 @ $250.00

The Learning Tower® by Little Partners® has been carefully designed to provide a secure environment to stimulate a child’s imagination and allow it to blossom. By raising a child safely up to counter ... more

1 @ $250.00

Gold PackageStarting At $200 for sedans and $225 for trucks and SUVs.Interior services available starting at $50.Treat your vehicle to our gold package and bring back the shine and protect your paint ... more

20 @ $200.00 / starting price

Very cool large piece of art! Forrest of tress with sunlight shining thru-STUNNING!36X36 SIZEGreat fit any bedroom, living room or office$200.00 Itex / taxes must be paid by buyerShipping available at ... more

1 @ $200.00 / 1

Painted in reverse, Saint George is on horseback ready to attack the dragon. This beautiful artwork is hand painted on glass... backwards! It comes mounted in a frame ready to hang on the wall. Frame ... more

10 @ $199.95 / ea

Painted in reverse, the Virgin Mary is displayed with the Baby Jesus on her lap. This beautiful artwork is hand painted on glass... backwards! It comes mounted in a frame ready to hang on the wall. F ... more

6 @ $199.95 / ea

With gold leaf. In Perfect Condition! Made in France. This incredible platter is hand painted with a beautiful peacock sitting on a branch adorned with luscious pink and lavender flower accents and g ... more

1 @ $129.99 / ea

This is a modern magical design make of white painted metal. Measures 2” in Diameter. Perfect Condition.All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collectionFOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE T ... more

1 @ $125.00 / pair

Wonderful hand painted and numbered knights in traditional regalia on horseback with spears. Great show sculptures. These each measure 9” High and Wide. Each has some repairs which are not easily dete ... more

1 @ $125.00 / pair

This beautiful one of a kind Pandora style piece entitled "Painted Lady" is made of lampwork glass, pewter, and a silver plated necklace. This will make the perfect gift for your family, friends, co-w ... more

1 @ $99.00 / ea

Purchase this Pandora style bracelet for someone you love! This one of a kind piece entitled "Painted Lady" is made from beautiful glass beads, pewter spacers and a silver plated bracelet. This brac ... more

1 @ $99.00

Shalu Essential Oil Diffuser $79.99 ITEX each Email to order! Must provide name, ITEX account info, shipping address, & cc for shipping. ... more

many @ $79.99 / each

In excellent condition! This brass wall plaque features 3 friends enjoying their time together on antique black paint accent. The edge of the plate has a very intricate pattern. There is an attached h ... more

1 @ $79.99 / ea

Pink Amethyst Bat
North Olmstead, OH
These rare crystals have so far only been found in Patagonia, Argentina. Hematite inclusions give amethyst a pink tone, rather than the usual vibrant purple. Although pink and purple amethyst are the ... more

1 @ $75.00 / each

Set of 4 Arbonne Skin Care Products 1oz Super Calm Skin Relief Serum .5oz Rescue & Renew Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz Charcoal Clarifying Face Bar Matte & Shine Lip Duo $75 ITEX for set Shipping t ... more

5 @ $75.00 / each

In Perfect Condition! Made in Taiwan. This flower piece is really lovely. You will be amazed at the astonishing detail and realism of the flowers. Size is 6" long, 4" high and 3-1/2" wide. ***PICTURE ... more

1 @ $69.99 / ea

Made in Japan. Decorated with hand painted flowers and gold leaf accents. It is 12" in Diameter. Perfect Condition. All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection FOR MORE INFORMATIO ... more

1 @ $69.99 / ea

In excellent condition! This brass wall plaque features a group of friends being serenaded, on antique black paint accent. The edge of the plate has a very intricate pattern. There is an attached hook ... more

1 @ $69.99 / ea

Brand New! This adorable candle holder is hand painted angels dancing in a circle. Perfect the the angel collector. Size is 7" in diameter and 5" high. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE THIS IT ... more

1 @ $69.97 / ea

A set of 7 from the '60-70's. All in perfect condition, with no chips or cracks and have the logo of Franciscan. Beautifully painted flowers and vines on the outside of glass. Versatile, can be used e ... more

7 @ $59.99 / set

Kambaba Jasper Crescent Moon
North Olmstead, OH
Kambaba Jasper is a variety of fossilized jasper, made from three million-year old algae. Scientists believe that this algae is responsible for creating earth’s oxygen atmosphere. This jasper is the k ... more

1 @ $51.00 / each

Wonderful browns and blue are glazed on these artistic pieces. Each measures 2 1/2” in diameter, one is 2 1/2” High and one is 2” High. All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection** Pl ... more

1 @ $49.99 / set

In Perfect Condition! Circa 1930's. This little cup is hand painted on porcelain. The flowers are so pretty with lovely details and has gold leaf swirls. Inside the top of the cup you'll see another h ... more

1 @ $49.99 / ea

In Perfect Condition! Circa 1970's. Unique and one of a kind! Painting on this wood is done by artist, Glatz. Sweet painting of a mountain scene in the background. In the foreground is a path and fenc ... more

1 @ $45.00 / ea

Unicorn Stone Tower
North Olmstead, OH
This is an amazingly calming Tower! Crystal points have plenty of uses! For example, feel free to incorporate them into crystal grids or meditation practices! To use during meditation, while holding t ... more

3 @ $45.00 / each

Set of 5 Porcelain Mugs with rich hand painted gold gild. Circa 1950’s. Red crest on bottom of each mug. Made in Occupied Japan. Measures 3” in Diameter and 3” High. Good Condition. Some of the gold ... more

1 @ $45.00 / set

ONE OF A KIND! BRAND NEW and gorgeous! This pair of artistic earrings are prettier than the picture looks. Hand painted, beaded, with light green glass on a ceramic background. Each one measures 1 1/ ... more

1 @ $44.99 / pair

ONE OF A KIND! Gorgeous! This pair of artistic earrings are prettier than the picture looks. Hand painted, beaded, with light glass on a ceramic background. Each one measures1 1/4" wide and 1 3/4" tal ... more

1 @ $42.99 / pair

Set of 4 classy coasters which naturally absorb water. Each coaster has a cork lining underneath and is smartly painted. Made in USA. Measures 3 3/4 square. All Antiques and Collectibles are from a ... more

1 @ $42.97 / set

Kyanite Crescent Moon
North Olmstead, OH
Crescent moon of blue and green kyaniteThis piece 5.5 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide, .5 inch thick. ... more

2 @ $40.00 / each

Fluorite Lotus
North Olmstead, OH
Fluorite LotusFluorite is a very good learning aid, as it helps to increase concentration. It balances energies, helps in decision-making, and improves physical and mental coordination. Excellent slee ... more

1 @ $40.00 / each

In Perfect Condition! Pretty and dainty plate that is hand painted with branches and flowers. Has some gold leaf. Edges have green designs. Bottom of plate says, hand painted, made in Japan. Size is 6 ... more

1 @ $39.99 / ea

NEW! Jane Asher Collection Miniature "Clarissa Hat Box" by Willow Hall. Just Adorable! The picture doesn't do it justice. This is a hand painted trinket box that opens. Hat with pink flowers and gree ... more

1 @ $39.99 / ea

Hand painted ceramic treasure. Measures 3" in diameter and 4" High. Great for gift. Perfect Condition.All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection.FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE T ... more

1 @ $39.99 / one

Beautiful painted tiles with blooming red flowers. Cork lined underneath. Great looking. Measures 4” square.All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection.FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCH ... more

1 @ $39.99 / set

Hand painted ceramic treasure. Measures 3" in diameter and 4" High. Great for gift. Perfect Condition. All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection ** Please be advised that Vintag ... more

1 @ $39.97 / ea

Beautiful hand painted vase decorated with large flowers protruding from side and gold accents on opening and handle. Measures 5" High by 4"Across. Perfect Condition. All Antiques and Collectibles ... more

1 @ $39.97 / ea

Wonderful three dimensional bursting flower with green leaf stem. Enamel painted on metal This is definitely a fashion statement! Measures 4” High, 2” Wide. Excellent Condition.All Antiques and Collec ... more

1 @ $39.97 / one

Crystal Affirmation Deck
North Olmstead, OH
This deck will help you connect to the healing energy of crystals ... more

6 @ $36.00 / each

Brand New! Perfect for the gardener or flower lovers. Made out of ceramic, hand painted with sculpted pink & yellow flowers. Pruning shears are so cute on the frame, also made of ceramic with a metal ... more

1 @ $34.97 / ea

rattan accent chair. painted green with new upholstery. very good condition except some touch up needed on paint ... more

1 @ $30.00

Beautiful real sea shells with gold painted rims. Measures 1 3/4” Long.All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection.FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM, PLEASE CALL DIANE AT ( ... more

1 @ $29.97 / pair

Stainless Steel Motorcycle Brake Disc Lock W/Two Keys Description: Package includes 2 round security keys. 1pc Stainless Steel Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock Waterproof Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike An ... more

2 @ $29.77 / each

All genuine wood with two new pencils. Fun character painted on front. Measures 3 1/2” High, 4” Wide.All Antiques and Collectibles are from a private collection.FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE THI ... more

1 @ $26.99 / one

Shungite Palm Stone
North Olmstead, OH
Shungite is a rare carbon mineral that connects to the root chakra. This sphere promotes physical and spiritual evolution, and reduces stress. Safe to cleanse in water, sunlight, soil, etc.Many people ... more

2 @ $21.00 / each

RSD/Neuropathy Cream
North Olmstead, OH
RSD was originally formulated for someone with Reflexive Sympatheitic Dystrophy (or RSD). In the third stage of this issue, people often get cramps accompanied by burning hot spots making it too painf ... more

2 @ $16.00 / each

3 vintage blowmold clown ornaments 7" tall. handpainted, but paint needs touching up. each different colors. ... more

set of 3 @ $15.00

Goddess Energy Shirt Medium
North Olmstead, OH
Proudly show off your goddess energy to the world with this comfortable and stylish black shirt. Black is the color of wisdom and a protective color to hide away in while enjoying your shirt. Add a dr ... more

2 @ $15.00 / each

Sarasota , FL
Hand-painted wooden harmonica toy, a great musical wind instrument for fun on the go. Since this item is hand-painted, the color/style may appear different than shown. Please allow us to make the sele ... more

93 @ $14.95 / ea

Rose Quartz Soap
North Olmstead, OH
Reiki charged soap containing a tumbled rose quartz. Ingredients: Sorbitol, Coconut Oil, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Honey, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter ... more

7 @ $12.00 / each

Fortune Teller Tarot Card Soap
North Olmstead, OH
Get a reading from your soap! Handcrafted. Each soap has a tarot card in it!Ingredients: Shea Butter, Hemp, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor, Aloe, Distilled Water, Fragrance, Mica ... more

9 @ $10.00 / each

Will Paint Murals and wall art on ITEX.Will travel for a job. ... more

100 @ Varies

Services Offered!
Winter Park, FL
These are base prices 100% ITEX PARTS AND LABOR Electrical Diagnosis: Up to 2 hrs LUBE OIL AND FILTER CHANGE up to 5quart (in house-semi synthetic oil) average filter (INCLUDES TIRE ROTATION, MULTIP ... more

10 @ Varies

**AAMCO Transmissions Horsham, PA AAMCO is the world's largest chain of transmission specialists and one of the leaders in complete car care services. AAMCO has over 700 automotive centers throughou ... more

10 @ Varies

Auto Repair Services
Orlando, FL
PINTOS AUTO REPAIR SERVICE Orlando, FL 32804 Services Offered (MAKE SURE TO CHECK AS NOT ALL SERVICES MAYBE AVAILABLE ON ITEX) ​- Complete Computer Diagnostics - Complete Safety Analysis -A/C Eva ... more

4 @ Varies

Jimmy offers auto body repair, paint, restoration, and collision repair for most makes and models. He accepts the insurance deductible on trade. For all other repairs call for more details. ... more

10 @ Varies

Decorative Concrete
Louisville, NE
Commercial & Residential--From refinishing an apartment complex, finishing a basement or want to adding style to your patio or creating the garage of dreams. *Concrete Stamping *Concrete Staining -Epo ... more


Violet Glass Collection Violet Glass Wide Mouth Storage Jars 1 Liter $18 each 500 ML $16 each Violet Glass Apothecary Storage Jars 2 Liter $69 each 1 Liter $49 each 500 ML $43each Violet Glass ... more

10 @ Varies

Provo, UT
CBD may benefit a person’s health in various ways.According to a 2020 study these are reasons for taking CBD oil:chronic painarthritis or joint painanxiety and depressionsleep disordermigrainecluster ... more


Clock / Watch Repair
Port Orange, FL
MIKE'S H&E CLOCKS, INC Port Orange, FL Established in 1954, H & E has a long and solid reputation as the leader in the sales and service of fine timepieces in the Volusia/Flagler County area in East ... more

1 @ Varies per repair

Automotive Service & Repair
Warrenville Hts, OH
Starr Automotive We offer complete automotive care. 100% itex for many services including: LOF- oil changes filters, lube jobs Checking all fluids, tires and more! Diagnostics. Tire rotations, tir ... more

1 @ Varies per Job

Gulfport, MS
Custom Designs: Business & Personal Logo Design Commercial & Personal Ad Design Menu Design Brochure Design Flyer Redesign Product Design We also specialize in any type of medium portrait drawi ... more

many @ Varies per 1

Ron Originals
Boynton Beach, FL
RON ORIGINALS OFFERS HIS BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS ON ITEX,,,,SEE BELOW....CALL HIM AND TELL HIM I SENT YOU 561.628.5009 WWW.RONORIGINALS.COM Inflight Small: 7" x 17" Natural Finish $105.00; Inflight Lar ... more

1 @ Varies

BOGDANOV, LLC St. Petersburg, FL A design and development agency offering brand management, interactive & software development and full media production services. We are also known for our great lif ... more

1 @ Varies per SERVICE

Paintless Dent Repair
Oceanside, CA
Paintless dent removal is a revolutionary process of removing small dents, creases, and dings from all areas of the vehicle without using body filler, paint, bondo, or other foreign substances. It can ... more

5 @ Varies

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)*Please contact Deanna at 941-812-4561 for scheduling* ok to textMassage types - Table for Standard/Swedish - Chair Massage, for office/business -Master Reiki Practiti ... more

10 @ Varies per Booking, minimum

Jump start your health in 2023 Avoid the fad diets and measuring and weighing food. Stay healthy the easy way with the fu ... more

5 @ Varies per Per Person

SUPPLE INK Brandon, FL The goal is to make you glow at the optimal level. Routine facials, peels and collagen induction therapies; combined with your regiment that you and I will create, will give yo ... more

1 @ Varies per SERVICE