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Two Homes in One! Haddon Heights - HOT TOWN!
317 10th .Haddon Heights, NJ
Amazing- Haddon Heights has a wonderful Town name and includes a charming downtown and spectacular park system and features excellent schools. This highly desirable suburban community is 15 minutes t ... more

1 @ $849,000.00

Touchdown Sponsorship Available on ITEX All games will be listed and archived on as well as listed and streamed live of, the KSAT-TV App, and the KSAT Big Game Cov ... more

1 @ $16,000.00

LBP-Leasing is a leasing company based in Euclid, Ohio that has been in business for 40 years. We specialize in leasing Canon Copiers and the resale of the machines coming off lease. Once off lease, a ... more

1 @ $10,000.00

Custom Lead Generation Websites $8000 For 1 Year Lease - Full ITEX Custom Built To Rank Specifically For YOUR Business With All Leads Funneled To You Via Email, Web Form And/Or Phone! You will be ab ... more

10 @ $8,000.00 / Per Year

Thermo Scientific FreezerRevco ULT-2540-5-D Elite Upright -40° Freezers; 24.4 cu ft, 208/230VUpright Freezers feature low profile design. Positive open cam latch on door gently releases vacuum for con ... more

1 @ $6,500.00

New Brunswick Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer $6500 ITEX The New Brunswick Scientific Co Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, Model U725-86 is designed for the storage of pharmaceutical products, reagents a ... more

1 @ $6,500.00

Heather Mink Coat
San Antonio, TX
Beautiful Long Brown Heather Link Mink CoatSize 10-12 (Lg/Xlg) To purchase contact ITEX in San Antonio at or call 210.281.1111 ... more

1 @ $6,000.00

Beautiful Heather Mink Full Length Coat with Satin Inner.Size Large/Xlarge that fits 10-12.$6000.00 ITEX ... more

1 @ $6,000.00

ITEX Offer- $5,400 ITEX per six(6) month campaignTEXAN MAGAZINE is a bi-monthly magazine reaching affluent consumers.DEMOGRAPHICS: ADULTS 35+HOMES: $400,000 to over $4,000,000HOTELS: Aligned with majo ... more

5 @ $5,400.00 / 6 month campaign

New Sheared Mink with lazer cut flower design. Floral design by lazer cut. Medium/Large $5,000.00 ITEX FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM, PLEASE CALL KRISTIN AT (210) 829-5700 To purch ... more

1 @ $5,000.00

Brand New Custom Brown Tibetion Lamb Short Jacket w/boot covers$5000 ITEX ... more

1 @ $5,000.00

F.L. Ranch Mink Coat - Adjustable into (Size Medium) $4500.00 ITEX This beautiful coat can be adjusted to 3 coats in 1. (Jacket, Stroller or full coat) Zipper lined inside ... more

1 @ $4,500.00

This package is designed to not only restore your peace of mind and help you learn more about your business but to also help you grow your business. In this package the transaction limit is 500, the i ... more

5 @ $4,065.00 / Each

Collection of VHS tapes
Brentwood, CA
I have collected over 20 years for the VHS tapes in 1960's , 1970's.1980's and 1990's etc. and I have total about 800 VHS tapes ( used but works well ) with different titles, since I am retired, and I ... more

1 @ $3,200.00 / lot

Red Fox Full Length Coat
San Antonio , TX
Beautiful Red Fox Full Length Coat Size- Medium/Large Fits a women size 7-10Offer $3000 ITEX ... more

1 @ $3,000.00

Refurbished Sheared Muskrat Coat Size Large ITEX Offer: $3000.00 ITEX To purchase contact or call 210.225.8322 ... more

1 @ $3,000.00

Beautiful Dark Brown Ranch Mink Coat Buyer can request for a new inner liner at buyers expense (100 % ITEX) Size Medium Offer: $3000 ITEX To purchase contact ITEX in San Antonio at for ... more

1 @ $3,000.00

Sheepskin Unisex Coat
San Antonio, TX, BE
One of a kind piece by well know San Antonio Furrier Geraldo Zavala.Sheepskin Unisex coat size 42 length 56' to purchase contact ITEX in San Antonio at 210.281.1111 or ... more

1 @ $3,000.00

Large sheared Mink stroller with silver fox collar and cuffs. Size 12-14, This piece is a preowned but in great condition, lining is like brand new.$3000.00 ITEXTo purchase contact ITEX in San Antonio ... more

1 @ $3,000.00

Azurene Mink Stroller
San Antonio, TX
Beautiful Azurene Mink Stroller with beltSize small/medium$3000.00 To purchase reply via email to or call 210.281.1111 ... more

1 @ $3,000.00

Are you tired of receiving emails and phone calls telling you that you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit and you could get up to $26,000 back from the IRS for each of your employees - all you ... more

3 @ $3,000.00

Take your business to the next level. With our E-Presence Starter Pack, we help you build from the ground up! Our proprietary system of marketing and web design, you will go from zero to hero in no ti ... more

1 @ $2,747.00

Balance for Life Health & Fitness Retreat! Embark on a life-transforming journey at the Balance for Life Health & Fitness Retreat! Imagine yourself on the beach alongside the picturesque Wyndham Hot ... more

many @ $2,600.00

YOUTH LEADERSHIP CAMP July 11-16, 2023Youth Leadership Camp is a six-day course specifically designed for empowering teens ages 12-17, and helping them develop tools to create an exciting future. Exer ... more

30 @ $2,595.00

Air B&B Rental Consulting $2,500 Trade 8 weeks of 1 on 1 training Working with individuals who currently run, as well as those who want to start, their own Airbnb/Short Term Rental Properties or ... more

5 @ $2,500.00 / 8 week training

Blue Fox Coat
San Antonio , TX
Beautiful mid length Blue Fox Coat Size LargeITEX Offer: $2000.00To purchase contact Judy at ... more

1 @ $2,000.00

Table Tops
San Antonio, TX
Tabletops on Trade! One is a racetrack design (very light scratch) and the other is an Oval design. Both have edge work on them (you can zoom in). It includes the base as well ( no chairs) Ca ... more

1 @ $2,000.00

Give a child a future without inequity and disease! Donate today so that the children of South San Antonio can grow up in a safe and healthy environment, away from underserved neighborhoods and nega ... more

10 @ $2,000.00 / Donation

MR-25X Rubber housing with magnetic tip, 25' X 1" Designed for electricians, drywall . etc. professionals · THE BEST heat-treated & use the highest grade of SAE 1095 Steel. · Liquid Nylon coated bl ... more

13 13 @ $1,728.99 / 72 Pcs per case

GVClub at McAlpin-Ocean Plaza
South Beach Miami, FL
HGVClub at McAlpin-Ocean Plaza only this date is available Location: Miami Beach , FL Check-In: Sept 29,2023 Check-Out: Oct 6,2023 Size: 1-BR Occupancy: 4 View Resort Website Diamond Member P ... more

1 @ $1,600.00 / week

Carolina Grande
Myrtle Beach, SC
Carolina Grande ! BEDROOM 1600 ITEX and 499 cash/tax EMail Liz for sign up only this date Location: Myrtle Beach , SC Check-In: Fri, Dec 15, 2023 Check-Out: Fri, Dec 22, 2023 Size: 1-BR Occupa ... more

1 @ $1,600.00 / week

Atum Haze Mink Stroller
San Atonio, TX
Atum Haze Mink Stroller This is a cute mink stroller to wear out, lightweight and beautiful to the touch. Buyer can request a brand new liner ITEX Offer: $1500 To purchase contact ITEX in San Antonio ... more

1 @ $1,500.00

Sheared Nutra
San Antonio , TX
Great Coat for this weather! Sheared Nutra $1500 ItexSize Large To purchase email ... more

1 @ $1,500.00

Light Brown Mink Stroller
San Antonio , TX
Beautiful light colored Mink knee length coat w/front pocketsOffer- $1500 Itex Size Medium/LargeTo purchase contact ITEX in San Antonio at ... more

1 @ $1,500.00

Brown Squirrel Coat
San Antonio, TX
Brown Squirrel Coat Size (Size Large) $1500.00 ITEXTo purchase contact or call 210.225.8322 ... more

1 @ $1,500.00

Vacation Village at Bonaventure....all WEEKS ARE 1500 itex AND $599 CASH Location: Weston , FL SEVERAL DATES AVAILABLE 9/16, 9/23,9/30,10/7,10/14,10/21,10/28, AND 11/4 Check-In: Sat, Nov 04 ... more

1 @ $1,500.00 / week

Brown Mink Sections Coat
San Antonio, TX
Brown Mink Sections CoatThis beautiful vintage German coat with a beautiful scallop design, collar has the option to lay it flat and open or to hook it closed. The lining is not vintage, though. It ha ... more

1 @ $1,500.00 / ea

LBP-Leasing is a leasing company based in Euclid, Ohio that has been in business for 40 years. We specialize in leasing Canon Copiers and the resale of the machines coming off lease. Once off lease, a ... more

1 @ $1,500.00

Ribbed Blue Fox Jacket
San Antonio, TX
Very Beautiful Ribbed Blue Fox Jacket Size medium - $1200.00To purchase reply via email to or call 210.281.1111 ... more

1 @ $1,200.00

Ribbed Blue Fox Jacket
San Antonio , TX
Very Beautiful Ribbed Blue Fox Jacket. Size medium$1200.00 ITEX ... more

1 @ $1,200.00

THE PREMIER TOOL FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTORS You know how important it is for a self employed business owner to maintain financial security for yourself and your family. A Solo 401(k) designed by Surviv ... more

10 @ $1,200.00 / for two participants

THE PREMIER TOOL FOR REAL ESTATE INVESTORS You know how important it is for a self employed business owner to maintain financial security for yourself and your family. A Solo 401(k) designed by Surviv ... more

2 @ $1,200.00 / for two participants

Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyes
Beverly Hills, CA
Micro art is an amazing semi-permanent make-up procedure for the brows, eyes & lips. We use non-toxic mineral pigment. The procedure only takes about an hour and lasts up to 3 years with no recovery. ... more

5 @ $1,200.00 / area

Micro art is an amazing new semi-permanent make-up procedure for the brows, eyes & lips. We use non-toxic mineral pigment. The procedure only takes about an hour and last up to 3 years with no recove ... more

5 @ $1,200.00

EMAIL TO ORDER: PLEASE STATE YOU ARE AN ITEX MEMBER AND WILL BE USING ITEX PAY We powerGenius Messenger CRM, Genius Connector, Genius Posts, Genius Post Filter, Genius Engagement ... more

50 @ $1,170.00 / year

ONLINE NEGOTIATION TRAINING COURSE Practical, Interactive and Fun: In the simulated negotiations, you can experiment and act in ways that you would never consider in the real world. Learn not only fro ... more

111 @ $1,111.00 / 111

Juliet can design your wedding album! Did you get married and you have all your images yet you aren’t sure what to do with them?Provide Juliet with your disk, USB or Dropbox of your images. She will c ... more

1 @ $1,050.00

Black Persian Lamb Mid Coat w/Mink (Size- Medium) $1000.00 ITEXTo purchase contact or call 210.225.8322 ... more

1 @ $1,000.00

Hill Country Express Presents - Winery Tour Special Offer! Experience a leisurely day tasting the finest wines in TX. Up to 14 persons on tour - Limited to Texas Hill Country Area Up to 8 Hours of T ... more

10 @ $1,000.00

Enjoy and explore your team to a picturesque vineyard and indulge your taste buds with the taste of different wines in the Hill Country Area! Offer: $1,000 ITEX (Up to 15 persons max) Limited to Tex ... more

20 @ $1,000.00 / 15 persons max

This table set is also known as: Flero Stunning Modern Design Table (Table: TD897-FG/Chairs: 798DC). This table is also known as: Zig zag Shapes Flero Table. Also known as: GF-798gt-Set Dining Se ... more

1 @ $999.99 / set

2 months of Flawless Follow-up - $998 ITEX and ($10 cash Registration fee & Twilio Set-up Fee) INCLUDES FREE $25 Twilio Gift Card – Only two available. Note: User must pay their own SMS messaging fee ... more

2 @ $998.00 / packages

In the world of online marketing, one of the most profitable income streams that you can have is a MEMBERSHIP SITE. We recommend using the "Freemium Model" where you get members through the door for ... more

10 @ $997.00 / 10-Site Packages

Google Ads setup or refinement.Need a Google Ads account set-up?Have a Google Ads account? We can refine it and optimize its performance.research an optimal listing of keyword phrases/keyword concepts ... more

99 @ $995.00 / 1

If you aren't using as much barter in your business as you can, you are missing out on great opportunities. Think of all the areas where CASH is draining from your business: ads – print and media, ai ... more

6 @ $975.00

BUSINESS SEO ONLINE by the BASES SEO ADVISOR Get the first month of search engine optimization (SEO) implementation for up to 8 long-tail keyword phrases with the objective of ranking your business we ... more

6 @ $975.00

FH-14 Master Grade Heavy Duty Wide Crown 5000 Hammer Tacker24 pcs per case, sold by case only.· Steel construction for sturdy long-lasting use· Balanced frame design for consistent hammer strokes· Con ... more

166 @ $960.00 / 24 units

Fantastic Collectors Rugs for your home, office, etc.Each can be bought individually we will ship in the United States.Occasion: the area rug works in the kids room, living room, bedroom, dining room, ... more

2 @ $950.00 / each

Coaching Session Create new behaviors that reflect what you really want to feel or how you really want to respond. This also applies to all students, business owners, entrepreneurs, You can achieve y ... more

1 @ $900.00

Our base package is the Peace of Mind package. This package is designed to give you or restore your peace of mind when it comes to your business accounting needs. It includes bank/credit card reconcil ... more

5 @ $850.00 / Each

RT - 600 Master Grade 420 Stainless Steel, NEW design chef knife with non-stick feature Endorsed by Master Chef Martin YanThis is a new designed non-stick chef knifeThis knife combines best of ... more

4 @ $799.99 / case

WT - 1Soft Blade Chef Knife w/comfort Handle, 420-J stainless.Blade size: 10" X 2.3"Handle size: 5.5"Description:High quality knife, the knife's handle was designed with resilience base for comfort an ... more

19 @ $799.99 / 12 pc case

RT - 654 Chinese Style, 420-J stainless, All purpose, wood handleBlade size: 8" X 3.3"Handle size: 4.3"12 pcs per case sold by case only.Description:This is the traditional Chinese style all purpose k ... more

10 @ $699.99 / 12 pc case

Global Trade Chamber Corporate Membership 100% ITEX Call Al 954-839-8866 BENEFITS The Global Trade Chamber is a membership organization that helps businesses explore new opportunities and suc ... more

50 @ $600.00

Hypnosis will help you develop a new thought process when it comes to eating, making weight loss easier than ever before.With our Hypnosis Weight Loss program, we don’t prescribe you a diet, we help y ... more

1 @ $600.00

omaha, NE
“As a leader in comprehensive change work, I will help you design new and useful behaviors. My goal is to help affect change quickly, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.” -Clovis Colley These serv ... more

1 @ $595.00 / for 3 sessions

Offering on ITEX- 20" x 24” x 1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas coated with Luster Finish. Shipped and Delivered ready to hang.To purchase:1) Shop website- Fill out form ... more

20 @ $510.00 / Single Canvas

Logo Design/ Logo Re-Design $500 ITEX! ... more

many @ $500.00

Let people know about your product or service with a professional video to use on your website, social media, television, streaming video ads or however you choose. I will "host" your video as spokes ... more

5 @ $500.00 / minute

Sports Econ 101 Radio Show
Everywhere in, US
SPORTS ECON 101 Sports Econ 101 takes a look at sports from a business and economic perspective. With added humor and trivia questions, Sports Econ 101 is sure to keep listeners tuned in. Sports B ... more

10 @ $500.00 / Month

🌟 Unlock Unprecedented Visibility with Our UNICON 2023 Standard Sponsorship Package! 🌟 👉 Ready to Amplify Your Brand? This is your golden ticket to get in front of a highly targeted, engaged audienc ... more

3 @ $500.00

RJ-110 Master Grade 5.5” Japanese Usuba 420-J Stainless SteelThis listing is for 12 Pcs of RJ-110Usuba in Japanese means thin blade knife. This knife is designed to cut food after cooked. The curve t ... more

20 @ $499.99 / 12 Pcs

Unlock Your Potential with Jin The Business Model! Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Meet Jin, your partner in creating the ultimate life and business you've always envisioned. With a we ... more

25 @ $499.00 / LVL UP

Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress, Spring 2011. Strapless, caught-up gown with corset closure. Sensational in Soft Shimmer Satin, this style is features a dropped waist and billowy bustled skirt. Beautiful ... more

1 @ $499.00

PPC OptimizeAI Powered Google Ads ManagementRevolutionary software that finds out which search keywords convert and which don't for your niche. Eliminating the keywords that don't convert from your ... more

20 @ $497.00 / per campaign

Custom Handmade Leather Mini Hobo Handbag w/sheep linin insideDark Brown (Only 1 available)Handbag is great for all season due to the design.Was $600 ITEX NOW $450 ITEXTo purchase contact Judy Perez a ... more

1 @ $450.00 / ea

If you need consistent photo content of your business to keep your customers up to date on whats new and exciting, I am your photographer. I can come in monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. You pay a dis ... more

2 @ $400.00

Great for Gift Giving! The Holidays are right around the corner! Start today! SPECIAL PRICE - 6 Pandora Style Bracelets for $399Lowest Price ever - You choose the assortment or we can choose for you ... more

Many @ $399.00 / per 6 bracelets

Super bright and energy-saving, slim design and excellent heat dissipation plus simple and with multiple installation methods. Brand new.Offer: $350 ITEX (Sold by case of 10)Shipping is paid separatel ... more

1 @ $350.00 / 10

MG-3002 Master Grade Alpine Select Chef Knife Sharpener This is the brand new unit in the brown shipping box. New design Electric Sharpener, designed and developed by highly skill expert in the ... more

55 @ $299.99 / ea

WEBSITE (3 pages) (Before $500 TRADE) ---- NOW $299 TRADE 3 pages website (Home - Services - Contact Us) The client has to provide the credit card information to pay Monthly Hosting ($25) and/or Ren ... more

1 @ $299.00 / website

Senior Pictures
Council Bluffs , IA
Heartland Photography is offering 2021 Senior Pictures packages starting at $299. Located in Council Bluffs, Iowa.Call 402-681-8170 to schedule appt (mention itex). ... more

1 @ $299.00

Are you looking for a way to showcase your raving fans and boost your business's credibility? Rigal Media Designs can help!We specialize in creating high-quality customer testimonial videos that will ... more

30 @ $295.00 / ITEX start @

Email Marketing Geeks is a Professional Email Marketing Team for Small Business Owners. We will create profitable email marketing campaigns, email marketing content for your business, including desi ... more

1 @ $295.00

Are you a business owner who barely has time for marketing your business? Do you want to reach more clients and let people know what your amazing company offers? Well, worry no more! Email Marketing ... more

1 @ $295.00

Do you want to get started on Email Marketing but don't know how and where? Remember, EMAIL MARKETING has the highest ROI (return on investment) of all forms of marketing, averaging about $42 in retur ... more

1 @ $295.00

We will quickly design and deliver up to ten (10) professionally looking YouTube Video Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos, as per our template previously designed and developed for you, via your purch ... more

999 @ $250.00

Brown Rabbit Stole
San Antonio , TX
Great for dressing up anything. Brown Rabbit StoleITEX Offer $250 Itex Size one size fits most (Ladies 2/4)To purchase contact ITEX in San Antonio at ... more

1 @ $250.00

Luxury Silver Women's Full Crystal Stainless Steel Dial dimension:3.5cm Band length: 20cm Material: Stainless steel. This is a good present for you and relatives and friends who you love. Fashionabl ... more

93 @ $250.00 / ea

Car Cleaning
Schertz, TX
The Dream Jet Wash will sanitize and disinfect your vehicle's interior with every detail service at no additional cost!Any service $75 and above will be included we're aiming for 99% of germs. Several ... more

1 @ $250.00

Sonos Connect
Sonos Connect (Formerly the ZonePlayer 90) Designed to be used with an external amplifier. It contains both analog and digital outputs so you can easily connect it to your existing audio equipment. ... more

10 @ $250.00 / each

You will receive 12 of my one-of-a-kind Handmade Beaded Bracelets. These make perfect, unique gifts. Yours will vary from the ones pictured since they are all unique. This is just to give you an idea ... more

1 @ $249.00 / lot of 12

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 100 CHARMS FOR $249. YOU WILL RECEIVE 50 BEADS AND 50 SPACERS (SILVER PLATED PEWTER). If you have charms that you are interested in or certain colors, please email me ... more

1 @ $249.00 / lot of 100

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 100 CHARMS FOR $249. YOU WILL RECEIVE 50 BEADS AND 50 SPACERS (SILVER PLATED PEWTER). If you have charms that you are interested in or certain colors, please email me ... more

1 @ $249.00 / lot of 100

These masks are individually packaged, and 1 size fits most.   Although there are a few solids mixed in, most will have a design on them. Shipping is in cash and will be inexpensive because ... more

4 @ $229.99

It is important to know that Online Citations and Web Directory Listing is one of the steps that help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but, SEO is much more than just being listed on a directory a ... more

1 @ $225.00

This is a wine tote and bag with scarf, $200.00 ITEX. Its designed by original art onto these items. The size of the bag is 18"x16". packaging and shipping are cash. If you are a local member you c ... more

1 @ $200.00 / set

Stay safe during Covid 19 and run an EBay Business 100% from your Home. I will train the next 25 people how to sale on Ebay for 200 itex. 100% Trade. I will give you 200 dollar worth of inventory t ... more

25 @ $200.00 / ea

Art Class, After School, Tuesdays at 6 - 6.50pm, 6-8 grades. Fall semester starts on August 15 and ends on December 19.Welcome to our Mixed Media Art Journaling Class for Middle School!In this class, ... more

10 @ $200.00 / semester

Art Class, After School, Tuesdays at 4pm -4.50pm. Fall semester starts on August 15 and ends on December 19.Students will explore art mediums and techniques in a fun way. We will focus on two types of ... more

10 @ $200.00 / semester

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